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Gate Automation and Electric Gates

Gate AutomationAs experienced engineers, Simply Secure also specialise in automated gates, either as part of a complete project or the conversion of existing manual gates to remote control electric gates.

Our range of gate automation and intercom systems offer a cost effective solution to suit most applications and budgets, from straight forward electro-mechanical ‘gate-openers’ with optional basic intercom systems, to the most sophisticated of hydraulic gate operators and linked systems including group entry controls and colour audio/video intercoms. Keypad and push-button openers can also be added to meet your requirements.

Gate AutomationAutomated security gates offer a progressively more popular way of controlling entry to your home or business. Not only will you benefit from added protection, automated gates will enhance the look and value of your property.

Did you know that your electric gates can easily be linked to automatic garage doors to operate from a single remote control….?

Please contact us for more details on gate automation system options on 0845 521 2834.

Simply Secure can supply and install automatic gates for residential use, and also commercial gate automation including traffic barriers and bollards.



There are four basic kinds of automation equipment:

1) Rams

Gate AutomationOffering excellent value for money, this type of automation is easier to fit than the underground system, though it is more easily visible on the gates. Main considerations are that the gates are strong enough, and are able to accommodate rams.

It is important that the gates are hinged towards the rear of the gate posts. Rams are not usually fitted where gates are hinged in the middle of large pillars.

Rams can usually open gates to a maximum 100-110 degrees, although on some systems this can be extended with the use of special brackets.

The advantage of these operators is that they are the least expensive method of gate automation and are reasonably easy to install. They can also ‘lock’ much wider gates than the underground systems without the need for an additional electric lock. There is a wide selection of ram types available, and Simply Secure will make sure the most suitable system type is specified for your needs.


2) Articulated Arms

Gate AutomationThese operators are particularly useful for converting existing manual gates to an automated system. With articulated arms, there is usually no problem with gates that are fitted in the centre of the pillar opening gap. Installation is fast, and extremely cost effective. The operators are securely fixed to the back of the pillars, and brackets are fitted onto the gates.


3) Below ground

Gate AutomationA great advantage of underground systems, is that only the lid is visible at ground level, and the operator is contained in a foundation box which is concreted into the ground. This makes this type of system very unobtrusive. Although slightly more expensive than the other systems, this is the neatest from a visual point and most often chosen for gates of the highest quality. With correct specification, these operator types can open gates to 110 degrees as standard, and up to 180 degrees when necessary. With less of the system visible, they are much less prone to vandalism, which may be a consideration in some residential and commercial areas.


4) Sliding Motors

Gate AutomationSliding gate systems are extremely useful when a driveway rises up towards the building and gates cannot open because of the slope, or when a swing gate system will drastically reduce valuable parking area. The sliding mechanism is fairly inexpensive to purchase, however installation takes longer to fit than a swing gate mechanism. In many cases a sliding gate will run on a track, with the weight supported by a steel beam below ground, for example an RSJ. When there is a high level of debris that may interfere with a sliding gate track (eg. quarry), a cantilevered gate system is recommended, which requires no track or support across the driveway or road.




In our opinion, safety is the most important feature in any installation of automated gates, barriers or bollards. A range of safety devices are available, such as photo safety-cells, ground induction loops and soft-profile safety edges, to ensure that all Simply Secure installations meet current UK safety legislation for residential and commercial applications.

Your gates can also be programmed to close automatically, so that you can enter or exit without having to worry about stopping to close your gates behind you. This incorporated with safety devices and torque limit settings will stop your automatic gates from closing on any obstruction and will prevent injury or major damage to persons or property.




Gate AutomationTo enable Simply Secure to automate your existing gates, the correct choice of motors will be determined by the position of the gate hinge in relation to the gate post. On some existing gates where post mounted openers are to be used, it may be necessary to modify the gate hinge position or gate post in order to install certain post mounted gate openers.

Where it is not possible to modify the posts or hinge position, we can supply a gate post mounted motor with an articulated arm (joint motor or kit). This usually allows the installation to be completed without too much modification.

Simply Secure are recommended installers for BFT, SEA and Fadini automatic gate operators, and recommended installers for BPT and Videx intercoms and access control systems. We also service and maintain electric gate operators and systems, barriers and bollards from CAME, FAAC, NICE, Powerdoor, Beninca, Liftmaster and Telcoma. We install, service and maintain intercom systems from Videx, Raytel, Comelit, Farfisa and Daitem.

Simply Secure are pleased to offer a range of gate automation kits. We offer high quality, powerful, safe and easy to install Gate Automation Kits.

The Mhouse range is the first of its kind to offer this type of gate automation; it can also be used for professional traders and installers as it includes the techniques that have been specially designed for each of its products.

These products are ideal for DIY gate automation due to the ease of fitting. The electronic systems require no more than two wires thanks to this new technology. All components are colour coded in accordance with silk-screened terminals enabling the simplest of installations.

What makes these ranges so desirable is how safe they are, with a low voltage of only 24Vdc, it makes installation not only easy but safe as well. The technology used gives hyper-sensitivity to any object detection for further safety. Along with all of this the Mhouse system can still function in times of a power cut! The optional ‘battery back-up system’ can provide up to 10 manoeuvres without the need for a direct electrical source.

These products are all specially designed to not only look good but be ergonomically efficient and give high quality performance.


Contact Simply Secure on 0845 521 2834 for more information on gate automation and intercom systems or to arrange a no obligation site survey and  free quotation.

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