Gate Automation Kits

Simply Secure are pleased to offer a range of gate automation kits. The Mhouse ranges offer high quality, powerful, safe and easy to install Gate Automation Kits.

The Mhouse range is the first of its kind to offer this type of gate automation; it can also be used for professional traders and installers as it includes the techniques that have been specially designed for each of its products.

These products are ideal for DIY gate automation due to the ease of fitting. The electronic systems require no more than two wires thanks to this new technology. All components are colour coded in accordance with silk-screened terminals enabling the simplest of installations.

What makes these ranges so desirable is how safe they are, with a low voltage of only 24Vdc, it makes installation not only easy but safe as well. The technology used gives hyper-sensitivity to any object detection for further safety. Along with all of this the Mhouse system can still function in times of a power cut! The optional ‘battery back-up system’ can provide up to 10 manoeuvres without the need for a direct electrical source.

These products are all specially designed to not only look good but be ergonomically efficient and give high quality performance.


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