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GSM Intercom Systems

GSM Intercom Systems from Simply Secure
The GSM intercom system looks and performs in exactly the same way as a ‘hard-wired’, wireless, or PABX/ phone interfaced intercom system but with greater efficiency, and the flexibility to add 2 or 3 numbers to a single call button. This means that there is no need to ‘hard wire’ into the house, or phone land line, or have a separate wireless intercom handset.

All the GSM intercom system requires is a mobile SIM card (provided by client), suitable for the area network coverage.

The most popular SIM card options tend to be either ‘pay as you go’ or an additional number to an existing mobile phone bill.

GSM Intercom SystemsWhen the call button is pressed at the gate entry panel, the GSM system phones your first designated number (eg. the house land line), and if not picked up after a set number of rings will then divert to a second designated number (eg. mobile).

The phone is then answered as a normal call (number can be displayed on your phone as ‘gates’) and to open the gates all you need to do is press ‘0’ on the phone handset.

Additional call buttons on the entry panel can call separate locations of the property (eg. other family member’s phone lines/mobiles).GSM Intercom Systems

An advantage to this system is that your intercom calls can be answered from anywhere in the world, and the gates can be operated from any location as required.

This type of intercom system is the next stage of technology and improvement on the standard existing systems.

Technical Information

  • Quad band GSM module.
  • Volt free relay momentary output.
  • Easy programming by phone.
  • 12V d.c. powered via mains transformer.
  • Built in speech announcement when call button is pressed.
  • Latching relay output option.
  • Programmable from remote location via engineers access feature.
  • Compatible with all major phone networks.

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