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Ready-Made Gates and Railings

Simply Secure are proud to offer our high quality bespoke, made to measure gates, railings, wrought iron and mild steel products. However, for those customers who would prefer a quicker solution, we also offer a wide range of ready-made wrought-iron and mild steel gates, railings, fencing and decking panels for you to order in standard sizes.

Simply Secure ready-made gate designs offer a number of matching products within each range, so there is sure to be something to suit your needs.

Please note: Ready made product stock levels can vary at times and most of these items are generally delivered within 7-10 working days, however if items of a specific design are out of stock they can take up to 28 days to manufacture and deliver.

Within these ranges we have many styles of Wrought Iron Driveway Gates, Single Gates with matching Railings and Fencing for you to totally transform the look of your property.

All of our ready-made products are primed in black, and then after being fitted, can be finished with a further coat of of high-quality gloss paint to give it the perfect look. Many of our products are indicated to be “zinc plated” which shows that such products are electro-galvanised to be resistant to any form of corrosion, leaving them with a powder coat finish. Some of the products are finished in dark green, some in silver and some in black, the colours are indicated in the further description of each product.

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All of the Simply Secure ready made Gates and Railings come in specified sizes that refer to the space thay will take up, allowing for fittings and hinges, however if it is preferred, we also offer a “made-to-measure” service on all product designs. All of the products also come with the fixtures and fittings required for self-assembly, there is one range however that has a fitting pack needed as an extra this is indicated where needed and available for purchase along with the desired product.

When purchasing fencing or decking panels it may also be necessary for you to purchase fencing posts which need to be ordered separately but are available on the page of range products, however if this is a requirement then more of the fitting packs are also needed. All of this will be further shown when you purchase such products.

All Simply Secure ready made single, bow top and tall single gates are supplied with a universal latch to allow for left or right hand opening. All of our double gates are supplied with the latch positioned to the right of the gate. The gates in the style of Corfe and Balmoral have the bolt on the right hand side, which is also adapted so that it is possible to use a padlock if preferred.

These gates are also supplied with adjustable hinges. In the selection of ranges all single and tall single gates are equipped with fixed hinges, as are the double gates in the Regent and Classic designs. All of the remaining double gates and the tall double gates have adjustable hinges which makes the levelling easier during installation.

View our range of ready-made gates, railings and fencing…

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